Gusto & Gecko is a picture book series for children aged 5-8. Each book, set in a different city, inspires children to discover and learn about our world.

 The idea behind each book in the “Gusto & Gecko” series is to explore a different city or country. The books are designed to:
  1. introduce children to various animals, plants, landscapes and food;
  2. broaden horizons to inspire children to travel and discover the wonders of our world as they grow older;
  3. foster a better understanding and awareness of different cultures and traditions; and
  4. invest in the future of our next generation by improving literacy in rural Australia through collaborating with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Who am I?

Lawyer by day and children’s book writer by night.


Naturally curious and mildly adventurous, I have travelled independently across 7 continents, over 30 countries and 90 cities mostly on a shoestring.

I’ve volunteered at an orphanage in Kenya, eaten rooster testicles in Budapest, witnessed the Saints win Superbowl in New Orleans, trekked around glaciers and lagoons in Torres del Paine, flirted with penguins in Antarctica…and stories go on.

My Sunday usually consists of a lazy brunch with chai lattes, helping out at the art gallery and concocting tasty (sometimes not very tasty) treats while making an astronomical mess in the kitchen!

I dream of one day rocketing to the moon with a wardrobe full of pastries and playing fetch with my humongous, drooling, happy husky on a lunar crater.

For now, join me on my crowd-funding journey to bringing Gusto & Gecko to life!

Much love

Longy xx


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